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Services | Castellana


The future begins now:

The efforts of Castellana, in close collaboration with MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC, are aimed at:

  • Transform medical management programs
  • Redefine medical education programs
  • Re-engineering of operational processes to align the reimbursement with business needs:
  • Extension of regulatory requirements
  • Growth of the membership
  • Stay ahead of the future
  • Redesign of benefits
  • Implementation of preferred supplier networks based on high quality standards
  • Alignment of shareholder compensation models with current environmental challenges
  • Continue developing the sense of ownership


Administrative Management

Board of Directors of Castellana
Since 2015 to provide strategic support based on mission, vision and values

  • President – Dr. Raúl Montalvo Orsini
  • Secretary- Lcda. Eyminel Viel
  • Officers – Dr. Rick Shinto, Yomaraly Molina, Dr. Waldemar Rios, Dr. Ángel Montes, Dr. Luis Rodríguez
  • Members – D. Jaime Rivera, Dr. Jorge Torres, Dr. Aurelio Collado. Dr. José Muñiz, Dr. Luis Peña

Medical Management

We have professional nurses, medical advisors and health educators with sufficient experience in managing health plans. The Health Department of Castellana complies with all quality standards and equivalents regulated by CMS to assist our providers in the process ensuring the closure and good compliance of cases.

Network Management

We provide different alternatives to serve our network of providers with care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have executives trained to assist you hand-in-hand in visits to your medical office, we advise you as a provider and your office staff, we assist you in the process of hiring and recertifications. call center to meet the needs of its affiliates and to achieve a greater retention of their membership.

Financial Management

Compensation models focused on quality results and strategic objectives. The usage data is analyzed on a monthly basis and quarterly a report is made with the distribution of savings based on the indicators by region. We create a profile of what your medical practice does, we make recommendations and sometimes work with a special team to ensure the good financial management of your medical practice.

Loyalty Program

Castellana is an IPA that through innovative initiatives demonstrates outstanding results. This program is unique in the industry that will boost our performance through high satisfaction and loyalty. It seeks to increase the satisfaction of our doctors recurrently and constantly.