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Loyalty Program | Castellana

Loyalty Program

Castellana is an IPA that through innovative initiatives demonstrates outstanding results. This program is unique in the industry that will boost our performance through high satisfaction and loyalty. It seeks to increase the satisfaction of our doctors recurrently and constantly.

Do you want to know more about the Loyalty Program?

Loyalty is defined as a deep and sincere commitment; a demonstrated dedication to those who have placed their trust in them. The Loyalty Program aims to impact primary care physicians to foster loyalty with their IPA group and quality care for their patients. In this way we can fulfill the mission of Castellana Physicians Services “Optimize medical practice to promote highly cost-effective services and excellence to the patient”.  

Goal of the Program

Increase the satisfaction of primary doctors on a frequent and continuous basis to achieve greater loyalty to Castellana.


• Recognize the primary doctors their commitment, effort and dedication with their IPA group
• Other PCPs emulate the performance of the chosen doctors
• Create solid links with your IPA group
• Increase satisfaction
• Maintain continuous membership growth
• Raise awareness among primary care doctors about the importance of having 4 or more stars
• Assure primary care physicians of their use management and that they can maintain an optimal MLR