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Castellana | Somos un grupo de Médico Primario que apoya todas las iniciativas clínicas y administrativas de sus proveedores.

All in one place

We are a Primary Medical Group that supports all the clinical and administrative initiatives of its providers.

Our Services

Administrative Management

At Castellana, we have an administrative team focused and dedicated to assisting you with the operational processes that will help you to have greater efficiency in your medical prasic.

Medical Management

We have professional nurses, medical advisors and health educators with sufficient experience in managing health plans.

Network Management

We provide different alternatives to serve our network of providers with care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Financial Management

Compensation models focused on quality results and strategic objectives. The usage data is analyzed on a monthly basis and quarterly a report is made with the distribution of savings based on the indicators by region.


Pharmacoeconomic Corner: Deprescribing in the Elderly

Deprescribing is the process of medication withdrawal, intentionally stopping a drug or reducing its dose because:It is causing side effectsIt is putting the patient at riskIs no longer of benefit Polypharmacy is considered as taking 8 or more medications, with or...

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Promoting Diabetes Patient Care

By: Danay Pérez PérezHealth Services-Health Education According to the American Diabetes Association (2022) diabetes patients are greatly influenced by healthcare providers who impact their lives. As health ambassadors, we recommend the following tips to promote the...

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“Covid – 19 Nobel Virus that has taught us how fragile life is. Thanks to the Castellana group we have been able to attack it and have a new Hope.”

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Dr. Pedro A Berrios Antuña
Southeast Area


I am proud to belong to the Castellana family for more than 20 years and to have a great experience and great knowledge to date. To the Castellana team, I am grateful that at all times they have given me all the tools I have needed to provide an excellent service as the patient deserves.

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Dr. Edwin O. Figueroa Delgado
East Area