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FAQ | Castellana

Frequent Questions

Who we are?

We are part of the MMM Holdings, LLC group in Puerto Rico, providing cutting-edge support services to medical groups, primary physicians, and sub-specialists, among others.

Which is the Castellana mission?

The Mission of Castellana is to optimize medical practice to promote highly cost effective and excellent services to the patient.

Which is the Castellana vision?

– Help MMM and PMC achieve the 5 Star Rating.
– Have recognized doctors and work teams to follow the best practices of the industry and be highly empathic and sensitive.
– Expand our business lines profitably.
– Adopt effectively the use of technology.
– To be an IPA that enjoys full loyalty from our business partners.
– Distribute more shared savings.
– Have the most healthy and longevity patients in the nation.

How do we serve?

Network Management
• Resolution of situations to the PCP with availability 24/7, with the support of mobile applications and call center.
• IPA PPN – Special Care at your Reach
• Medical Office Staff – Castellana Contigo
• Groups of PCP and Sub IPA’s
• CAMP – Primary Medicine Support Centers
• We help in the Succession Plans

Medical Management
• Pre authorizations
• Health Education
• Condition Management
• High Planning
• Census Management
• Among others

Financial Management
• Implementation of compensation models focused on quality results and strategic objectives
• Monthly and quarterly utilization data analysis
• “Profiling” by PCP and region
• Distribution of savings based on quality and service indicators.


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