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Administrative Management | Castellana

Administrative Management

Board of Directors of Castellana:
Since 2015 to provide strategic support based on mission, vision and values

  • President – Dr. Raúl Montalvo Orsini
  • Secretary- Lcda. Eyminel Viel
  • Officers – Dr. Rick Shinto, Yomaraly Molina, Dr. Waldemar Ríos, Dr. Ángel Montes, Dr. Luis Rodríguez
  • Members – Mr. Jaime Rivera, Dr. Jorge Torres, Dr. Aurelio Collado. Dr. José Muñiz, Dr. Luis Peña


At Castellana, we have an administrative team focused and dedicated to assisting you with the operational processes that will help you to have greater efficiency in your medical practice. We advise you on operational, financial processes, star fulfillment in the area of quality, clinical affairs and benefit programs such as “Office Advantage”. Integration of your office staff and continuous training in topics of interest with market trends.